Weekly News Aug 26: Gather Social

    • G4G14 Conference Videos on YouTube! 
      Starting on Monday, August 29, we will roll out videos from G4G14 in Atlanta, one per day each Monday to Friday. Please check here often:
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    • New CoM Videos Published on Our YouTube Channel:
      Jessica Sklar – Mathematical Art Inspirations, Instantiations, and Installations
      Mark Setteducati – Remembering Tom Rodgers and the birth of the Gathering for Gardner
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    • Gather.town Social: 
      Our Gather.town events continue every Saturday at 12 noon ET (16:00 UTC) in Gather.townThe theme for Sat, August 27, will be Bending Polyominoes, Alexandre Muñiz explores recent discoveries in polyomino tilings that can be made with flexible shapes.

      Details on Gather.town Socials, here.

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