Friday News Dec 30: 2022 in Review, Gather Social

  • 2022 in Review 

    As we approach the end of 2022, we have a lot to be thankful for. We also have a lot to be energized about going into the new year. We finally were able to hold the 14th Gathering 4 Gardner conference in Atlanta. We also provided an online option for those who chose not to attend in person. People responded warmly to both the in-person and online experiences. 

    In recent months, we’ve been publishing the G4G14 presentation videos, over 80 of which are already available on YouTube. We have continued to hold monthly virtual Celebration of Mind events on Zoom, which in turn are published on YouTube, as well as weekly social get togethers on

  • Social

    Our events continue every Saturday at 12 noon ET (17:00 UTC) in Gather.townNo formal themed Gathertown meeting this Saturday, those will resume in 2023

    Details on Socials, here.

  • G4G14 Conference Videos on YouTube! 

    The videos from G4G14 in Atlanta are being posted on our YouTube channel, 5 more appearing every week. Most are only 6 or 7 minutes long. 

Watch Videos

  • More G4G Videos on YouTube! 

    A small treasure from back in 2014 was found and added to our youtube channel, Ken Brecher – Pseudosphere Rolling Uphill back from G4G11. We are also continue to upload past Virtual Celebration of Mind edited recordings. The latest is Louise Mabbs on Re-Visioning Maths and another video will be uploaded tomorrow, so stay tuned!

  • Last Tidbid of 2022

    Philosophize Now posthumously published the short story “The Great Crumpled Paper Hoax” by Martin. You can read it on their page here.

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