Friday News Sep 22 : Weekly Socials, G4G Tributes

  • G4G Weekly Socials

    Our weekly Socials are held on Sunday at 12 noon Atlanta time (check the time for you here).

    We are using the Zoom Meeting platform here (not Zoom Webinar as we do for our monthly CoM presentations on the 21st). So for these Sundays socials we will all be able to see each other.

    Upcoming Sessions:

    Sun 24 Aug – Katie LaSeur on the G4G15 Gift Exchange

    We welcome theme suggestions for the G4G Weekend Socials. Would YOU like to lead such a social, perhaps with a fresh look at a favorite Martin Gardner column (or book)? All information can be found here.
  • G4G Tributes

    We continue to update and mantain multiple tribute pages. In this we hope to honour and remember the many who have made the G4G community the remarkable group it is. As well as to inspire and connect those who build on the shoulders of these giants. We welcome and encourage any contribution to these tributes. To share your memories or anecdotes, please email us,

    • We are sad to communicate the passing of Alan Schoen  on July 26, 2023. He co-edited two G4G tribute books for published AK Peters: Mathematical Wizardry For a Gardner (2009) and Homage to a Pied Puzzler (2011). He enjoyed attending G4G8. His obituary and tributes webpage can be found here
    • The Tribute webpage for Dan Garrett has been published and can be found here.

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