Remembering Dan Garrett

It is with great sadness that G4G notes the death of Daniell Edward Garrett (September 5, 1951 – August 3, 2023). 

We are collecting here some recollections from various members of the G4G community. If you have any anecdotes, memories, or tributes that you would like to share, please email us at

Dan Garrett was one of my two sponsors for the invitation-only close-up magic group FFFF (Fechter’s Finger-Flicking Frolic). He and I had many magic jam sessions over the years, and for a while we performed a two-person act together based on the game of Clue. Here’s a photo of Dan from FFFF, and a couple of photos of our act.

Dan was a unique and memorable person, as well as an excellent magician. He will be greatly missed.

– Matt Baker

Images (above) Contributed by Matt Baker. Click on the images to view enlarged.

He was loved by so many including Martin and the G4G community.


– Mark Mitton

My first encounter with Dan Garrett was around 1980 when he came to Dresden Elementary school and presented an assembly show.  I was a student in the crowd, and I am quite sure that this was one of the things that prompted my lifelong interest in magic. Although my only interaction with him was over forty years ago, he certainly had an effect on my life.  I am very grateful for that.


– John Harris

After meeting Dan at G4 I hired him for an AT&T event.  My boss at the time told me he hated magic and magicians.  I assured him that Dan was a good one.  After the event my boss complemented me on hiring him.  Dan was a one of a kind.  RIP
Tyler Barrett

An excellent magician and a genial, sweet guy. Such a shock and a loss….

– Ann Schwartz

Dan “the Man” Garrett was always entertaining.
He never tried to rebrand himself as an XYZ magician; he went all in on the standard model of a magician and showed how good that could be. I always found his knowledge to be deep.

– Dana Richards

 Impromptu Magic with Rope – G4G12 April 2016

Here is the Curtain Call for the evening in 2018. Mark Mitton was MoC.


–  John Miller

G4G Pals,
Very sorry that Dan passed away.  He will be sorely missed.
Our family extends its sincere condolences to Carol.
I’m attaching a photo of Dan & Jordan from G4G8, + two other photos (above).  It was our first Gathering.
Lew Goldklang

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