Multi-National Puzzle Competition

Dear Celebration of Mind hosts,

In honor of Martin Gardner’s 101st birthday and the 6th Celebration of Mind, we will be holding, once again, an online ‘Google Hangout’ multi-national puzzle competition on October 21st at 14:00 EST.
Last year, there was a great ‘duel’ between the Portuguese ‘Ludos’ team and the Israeli team from the Davidson Institute – and we hope that many more teams will join the fun!
The idea is to have each team challenge the others with puzzles that should be, in principle, solvable within about a minute – so no heavy Olympiad stuff that requires linear algebra ;-).
Each team can consist of as many people as they wish, with one representative that presents the puzzles to the other teams. Each team should have ready up to 5 puzzles, though there is no guarantee that all will be used.
We will be coordinating the puzzle competition from Israel, so if you are in for the game, assemble a team and send an email ( expressing your wish to join in and we will send you further instructions.

Best Wishes,



The Online CoM Team Puzzle Challenge – ONE TIME – ALL OVER THE WORLD!
World times: 18:00 GMT/UTC, 11:00 PDT (i.e. Los Angeles), 14:00 EDT (i.e. New York)19:00 BST/WST  (i.e. London)21:00 IDT  (i.e. Tel Aviv), 5:00 AEDT (i.e. Sydney [sorry Aussies…])
1 – Email expressing your wish to participate in the competition
2 – Gather some puzzle enthusiasts and prepare about 5 puzzles that can be solved, in principle, within a couple of minutes. Make them quite hard, but not impossible
3 – A few days before the competition you will be sent a link to the Google Handout for the competition and Yossi will coordinate a trial to make sure that everything is OK. You will need a computer, tablet or smartphone with a camera and microphone.
4 – Join the live Google Hangout at the right time. Each team in turn will present a puzzle to the other teams, and the team that answers first gets a point! The winning team is the team with the largest number of points.
And that’s it! The competition will take about an hour. The competition will be broadcast live over YouTube on the G4G channel.

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