Weekly News Nov 26: G4G14 Dates, Virtual CoM, Gather Social

    • Gather.town Social
      Our Gather.town events continue (the next session is this Saturday, Nov 27, at 12 noon ET–that’s 5pm GMT!). Two spaces are set up: Theme and No Theme. The theme for the Theme room this week is: “Martin Gardner and the writing of L. Frank. Baum.”  Join Jim Gardner and Michael Patrick Hearn (the author of the Annotated Wizard of Oz) for discussion and anecdotes regarding Martin’s love for the Oz series and other works of Baum.

      Details Here.

    • G4G14 is sheduled for 6 – 10 April, 2022
      We are pleased to confirm the G4G14 in-person meeting will take place at the Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta, from Wednesday, April 6th through Sunday, April 10th, 2022, with the offsite at Georgia Tech on Saturday, April 9th. G4G participants will assemble, in Martin Gardner’s name, to celebrate recreational mathematics, magic, puzzles, skepticism, science, art, literature, and the intersections of these subjects. Countless exchanges of ideas and examples of wonderment will inspire and delight. We hope you will join us.

    • Virtual Celebration of Mind (CoM) |Connecting the Dots

      Join us on Zoom on Tuesday, Dec 21, at 12 noon ET (5pm GMT), forConnecting the Dotsby Bob Bosch. We’ll also meet in Gather right after his presentation.


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