Friday News July 7: G4G Weekend Socials

  • G4G Weekly Socials

    Our weekly Socials are held on Sunday at 12 noon Atlanta time (check the time for you here).

    We are using the Zoom Meeting platform here (not Zoom Webinar as we do for our monthly CoM presentations on the 21st). So for these Sundays socials we will all be able to see each other.

    Upcoming Sessions:
    Sun 9 Jul – Arthur O’Dwyer “Congruent partitions of the hat”
    We welcome theme suggestions for the G4G Weekend Socials. All information can be found here.
  • G4G Weekly Socials : Sun 9 Jul – Arthur O’Dwyer “Congruent partitions of the hat”

    The “hat” aperiodic monotile can be divided into four congruent pentagons. Can it be divided into two or three congruent pieces? Arthur had trouble even finding the right name for this kind of question. He presents a few interesting things he learned in his search.

2 thoughts on “Friday News July 7: G4G Weekend Socials

  1. Kate Jones Reply

    I’m sorry that I could not atted, since no link was given. How else can I get into your Sunday discussions?

    • Tiago Hirth Post authorReply

      Dear Kate,

      the access link is always the same and was in the previous bullet point.
      We’ll try to include the link in future repeatedly in the same bullet point so it doesn’t get overlooked.

      Our apologies for the latent information.

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