Weekly News Sep 9: Gather Social, New Video(s)

    • Gather.town Social 
      Our Gather.town events continue every Saturday at 12 noon ET (16:00 UTC) in Gather.townThe theme for Sat, September 10, will be “Math-inspired Ceramic Sculpture“. Robert Fathauer will share number of ceramic sculptures, inspired by polyhedra, fractals, exponential growth, knots, and more, will be shown and described..

      Details on Gather.town Socials, here.

    • G4G14 Conference Videos on YouTube! 
      The videos from G4G14 in Atlanta are being posted on our YouTube channel, 5 more appearing every week. Please check here often:
      Watch Videos
    • Virtual Celebration of Mind (CoM) 
      Join us on Zoom on Sunday, September 21, at 12 noon ET (16:00 UTC) Atlanta Local Time, for “Dividing the circle, a problem for both mathematicians and artists” by Pedro Freitas.
      We’ll also meet in Gather right after his presentation.
      You can check the current time in Atlanta at this link: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/usa/atlanta

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