Friday News Nov 18: Virtual CoM, Gather Social, New G4G14 Videos, Call for Tributes

  • Virtual Celebration of Mind

    Join us on Zoom on Monday, November 21, at 12 noon ET (Atlanta time), for “Fibonacci Lemonade” by Andrea Hawksley. We’ll also meet in Gathertown right after her presentation.

    You can check the current time in Atlanta at this link:

    Celebration of Mind (CoM)

    G4G has been holding virtual Celebration of Mind lectures on the 21st of each month since October 2020 and we will continue to do so. On our website you will find information about this worldwide celebration and how to host an event. There are all types of resources for hosts, including dozens of new videos. Whether you have a small event at your home or a larger one at your school, we hope you will include it in the calendar. These gatherings are a wonderful way to celebrate Martin Gardner’s birthday!

    CoM About

  • Social

    Our events continue every Saturday at 12 noon ET (17:00 UTC) in
    Upcoming get togethers are:

    – 19 Nov Christophe Fouquet “A method to memorize the color of 12 playing cards in less than 3 seconds”

    Details on Socials, here.

  • G4G14 Conference Videos on YouTube! 

    The videos from G4G14 in Atlanta are being posted on our YouTube channel, 5 more appearing every week. Most are only 6 or 7 minutes long. 

Watch Videos

  • Call For Tribute: Tom Rogers

    We are updating our tribute pages: collecting memories, blog posts, photos, and other tributes for G4G’s founder, Tom Rodgers to share on the G4G Tributes webpage.

    To share your memories with the G4G community, please email us at:

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