Download the Entire G4G13 Exchange Book

At the request of our community, we are now offering both volumes of the G4G13 Exchange Book for download in their entirety. The PDF files are large and may take a few moments to download; please be patient. Enjoy!



G4G13 Schedule


 Roger Antonsen — Card Shuffling Visualizations

Adam John Frederick Atkinson — Art and Mathematics: The ELHP
Vladimir Bulatov — Cross Sections of Three Dimensional Hyperbolic Tilings
Debora A Coombs — Geometry in five-dimensions: Building quasicrystals from Penrose tiling
Michael Dowle, Kate Jones — Cookie Jar
David Michael Greene — Unique Three-Color Colorings of Aperiodic Tilings
David Hall — Recipe for a ‘Bola Honeycombs
James Marston Henle — Ring-a-ding Numeration
Kate Jones — Lucky 13
Margaret Kepner — 4 x 13
Matjuska Teja Krasek — Golden Magic
Robert J. Lang — RiF-RiF Bird
Sabetta Matsumoto — Klein Bagel Baby Toy
Jane Nash — The Shape’s Eternal Magic
Miguel Palomo — Math Art
Miguel Palomo — Maths Everywhere
David Richeson — I Heart Cardioids: Make a Cardioid Flip Book
Daina Taimina — Crocheting Hyperbolic Regular Octagon and Pair of Pants



Spandan Bandyopadhyay — Don’t Cheat
Tom Bessoir & Joshua Pines — Starting Racks That Can Bingo
James Grime — Nontransitive Dice for Three Players
Frederick Valentin Henle — Deck Building Games with Playing Cards
Jim Propp — A Flexier Hexaflexagon
Tom Roby — An Interesting Property of Bulgarian Solitaire
Robert W. Vallin — Maverick Solitaire and Three-Card Poker



Steve Butler — A Card Trick Inspired by Perfect Shuffling
Jeremiah Farrell & Stephen Bloom — The Tea Party
Nathaniel Wing Segal— Deconstructing Magic Squares
Barney Sperlin — How Safe Is It?
Ricardo Teixeira — Hamming Code in a Magic Trick


Thomas Banchoff — Foxtrot Half-Empty Half-Full Problem Including 13
Neil Bickford — Why Do the Unit Quaternions Double-Cover the Space of Rotations?
Joseph Cassavaugh — The Bandaged Cube
Douglas Engel — Linked Circles, Space Numbers and Space logic
Brian Hopkins — Difference Dice
Gabriel Doran Kanarek — Repetitive Patterns in the Juggler Sequence
Gergő Kiss — A Way to Derive the Spidron Formulas
Ron Lancaster — A Mathematical Walk in Decatur
Dana Mackenzie — 2184 (Oh, the Absurdity)
Ryan William Morrill — Playing nice with a crooked coin
Hilarie Orman — Mental Factoring Cheat Sheet
Eleftherios Pavlides — Chiral Icosahedral Hinge Elastegrity’s Geometry of Motion
Tomas Rokicki — Life Algorithms
James Joseph Solberg — (Phi)ve is a Magic Number


Dana S. Richards — Martin Gardner: Annotator
Thomas Charles Smith — The Animal Hunter through My Life


Walker Anderson —Shape Shikaku Puzzles

Donald Atkinson Bell — Development of the Loyd Polyominoes Puzzle
Colin Beveridge — One Puzzle
Stephen Bloom, Lacey Echols, Jeremiah Farrell & Shannon Lieb — Martin Gardner Puzzles-Games
Frans de Vreugd — New Old School (NOS) Burrs
Erik D. Demaine & Martin L. Demaine — Sliding Coins (PDF paper)
Michael D. Dowle — Lucky 13
Yossi Elran — Some Paper Puzzles
Jeremiah & Karen Farrell — Euler Entertainments
Jeremiah Farrell & Chris Morgan — A Gathering for Gardner Puzzle-Game
Rik van Grol — Balance Puzzles – You Either Love Them or Curse Them
Emrehan Halici — Five Problems
Carl N. Hoff — From Untouchable 11 to Hazmat Cargo
Lyman Porter Hurd — The Dezign-8 Puzzle
P. Justin Kalef — Four Logical Deduction Problems from Famous Motion Pictures
Tanya Khovanova — Crypto Word Search
Anany Levitin — Two Tiling Problems
Andy Liu — Symmetrix Puzzles
David Nacin — G4G13 Latin Square Puzzles
Michael Edward Naylor — Knight Mazes
Palomo, Miguel — Sudoku Ripeto and Custom Sudoku Sampler
Henri Picciotto — The Ambidextrous Puzzle
Emmanuelle Malte Salvatore, Todd Wilk Estroff, & Jeremiah Farrell — Alice in Wonderland
Karl Schaffer — Edgy Puzzles
Doris Schattschneider — Marjorie Rice’s “Versatile”
Tom van der Zanden — Packing Polyominoes into a 3-By-N Box is as Hard as It Gets
Peter Winkler — Puzzles that Solve Themselves


Antonick, Gary — Sketching a Projectile On a Ramp
George I. Bell — The Dynamics of Spinning Polyominoes
Kenneth Brecher — Introducing the PiTop
Gary Mar — What the Liar Taught Achilles

***Important Note Regarding Gift Exchange Copyright***

In the spirit of Martin Gardner, who believed in inclusiveness and the sharing of knowledge and curiosity, and as a non-profit that benefits from the generosity of our community, G4G is pleased to give back to the world by making the G4Gn Gift Exchange Books available for download online.

However, these papers are a compilation of original material and the contributors retain their copyrights. No part of the Gift Exchange Books may be reproduced or distributed in any form, without prior written permission from the original author. If you would like to request permission to reproduce or alter any G4G paper, please contact and we can put you in contact with the author.