Download the Entire G4G11 Exchange Book

At the request of our community, we are now offering both volumes of the G4G11 Exchange Book for download in their entirety. The PDF files are large and may take a few moments to download; please be patient. Enjoy!



Bruce Oberg — G4G11 Schedule



Alex Bellos — Homework
Carol Bier — Corona with Decagrams
Robert Bosch — Abstract
Robert Bosch — Still Life with Glider
Alda Carvalho — Symmetries in Lisbon, Portugal
Lew Goldklang — Self-referential Breakfast
Bill Gosper — A Tiling
Gary Greenfield — Sand Painting
George Hart — Abstract
George Hart — Tunnel Cube
Paul Hildebrandt — Drop City for Rule SM
Paul Hildebrandt — Zometool Gift
Wm Vandorn Hinnant — Abstract
Wm Vandorn Hinnant — Exploring the Secrets of the Universe (in Red & White)
Elan Lee — Abstract
Elan Lee — My Clothes Tell Secrets
Philip Sheppard — Abstract
Philip Sheppard — Brooklyn Symphony



Simon Aronson — Oddly Enough
Rod Bogart — Tiebreaker Dice
Jason Colwell — A Strategy for Borders
Robert Fathauer — Abstract
Robert Fathauer — Unique Polyhedra Dice
Lyman Hurd — PBEM Server
Bill Liles — Blackjack Problem
Lisa Rougetet — Prehistory of Nim
Cary Staples — Abstract
Cary Staples — E1leven
Ron Taylor — Color Addition



Skona Brittain — MatheMagics Trick
Kristine Hjulstad — Magic
Lisa Menna — Mindreading Math
Robert W. Vallin — Gilbreath Numbers



Adam Atkinson — Negative Prices
Adam Atkinson — Phone Calls
Nancy Blachman — The Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival
Steve Butler — Tiling Tetris Boards
Joseph DeVincentis — Crescents and Vortices
Gary Greenfield — 3x+1 Problem Continued
Stephen Hassett — Loss Aversion and Stock Price
Louis H. Kauffman — Granny & Square Knots
Doron Levy — Thanksgivukkah
Andy Liu — Three Pairs of Problems
Dana Mackenzie — Sun Bin’s Legacy
Katharine Merow — Abstract
Katharine Merow — Geometric Proliferation
Ryan Morrill — Abstract
Ryan Morrill — A Game of Stones
Marnie Muller — Abstract
Marnie Muller — Morning Math
David Richeson — Paper Horn
Lisa Rougetet — Talk Proposal G4G11
Carlos Santos — Recreational Mathematics Magazine
Eve Torrence — Abstract
Eve Torrence — Math Awareness Month Poster



Jim Gardner and Vickie Kern — On The Autobiography of Martin Gardner
Michael Henle and Brian Hopkins — MG in 21st Century Preface
Colm Mulcahy — The Martin Gardner Centennial Initiative
Owen O’Shea — Dr. Matrix Talks to Owen O’Shea



Ellie Baker — Star Polygon Shortbread
George Bell — The Pennyhedron Revisited
Derek Bosch — 11-Pointed Star
Sándor Bozóki, Tsung­Lin Lee and Lajos Rónyai — Touching Sticks
Laurie Brokenshire — Pot Pourri
Tim Chartier — Absract
Tim Chartier — Gardner Maze
James Dalgety — Puzzles; Invented, Designed, and Discovered
Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine — Linkage Puzzle Font
Yossi Elran — Retrolife Puzzles
Jeremiah Farrell — John Horton Conway
Markus Gotz — Disentanglement Puzzles
Emrehan Halıcı — Play with 2014
Fred Henle — Constructing Acrostic Puzzles
Dick Hess — 11Booklet
Chris Hibbert — A Scanner, Darkly
Carl Hoff — The Planar Tetrarhons Tetrahedron
Wei-Hwa Huang — 123456789=100
Hirokazu Iwasawa — Square in the Bag
Tanya Khovanova — Hat Puzzles
Jane Kostick — Quintetra Blocks
Rodolfo Kurchan — Repdigits
Anany Levitin — Solving Puzzles Backwards
Chris Maslanka — Elevenses
Doug McKenna — Scarf Puzzle
John Miller — Langford’s Problem, Remixed
Jerome Morin-Drouin — Abstract
Jerome Morin-Drouin — Manifold DIY
Simon Nightingale — Slidoku
Matt Parker — Abstract
Matt Parker — Domino Computer Building
Tyler Rodgers — Abstract
Tyler Rodgers — A Magic Square
Tomas Rokicki — Rubik’s Cube Positions
Jaap Scherphuis — Tilings and Geometric Problems
Alan Schoen — Three Puzzles
Michael Serra — Pirate Math Sampler
David Singmaster — Battersea Power Station
Ryuhei Uehara — Polygons Folding
Frans de Vreugd — Trick Boxes



Kenneth Brecher — The Pseudosphere Uphill Roller

***Important Note Regarding Gift Exchange Copyright***

In the spirit of Martin Gardner, who believed in inclusiveness and the sharing of knowledge and curiosity, and as a non-profit that benefits from the generosity of our community, G4G is pleased to give back to the world by making the G4Gn Gift Exchange Books available for download online.

However, these papers are a compilation of original material and the contributors retain their copyrights. No part of the Gift Exchange Books may be reproduced or distributed in any form, without prior written permission from the original author. If you would like to request permission to reproduce or alter any G4G paper, please contact and we can put you in contact with the author.