Download the Entire G4G10 Exchange Book

At the request of our community, we are now offering both volumes of the G4G10 Exchange Book for download in their entirety. The PDF files are large and may take a few moments to download; please be patient. Enjoy!




G4G10 Schedule



Neil Calkin — Constructing the Dodecahedral Trail
Erik D. Demaine, Martin L. Demaine — Folding Martin Gardner
Robert W. Fathauer — Fractal Trees
Gwen Fisher, Florence Turnover — Infinity Bead
Akio Hizume — Quasi-Crystal Pavilion
Masayoshi Iwai — My Fractal Tool
Margaret Kepner — Quilt 100
Robert J. Lang — Hyperbolic Crane
Hilarie K. Orman — It’s Not Music, It’s Theory
Robert SandfieldAnti-G
Craig Swanson — Perspicuity: Cartoons
Arthur T Terlep — ‘Twas the Night before Gardner
Zdravko Zivkovic — Gathering for Gardner 10



Jerry Butters — Another Chess Mystery of Sherlock Holmes
Alda Carvalho — Portuguese Championship of Mathematical Games
Barry Cipra — Factor Subtractor
Jason Colwell — Borders
Jeremiah Farrell — The Seaborgium Chemical Table
Andrea Hawksley — Non-Euclidean Board Games
Hirokazu Iwasawa — Let’s Play a Concentration Game with a Few Cards
Yoshiyuki Kotani — Computer Shogi
Ivan Moscovich — The Story of “THE GRASSHOPPING GAME”
Thane Plambeck — The Secrets of Notakto: Winning at X-Only Tic-Tac-Toe
Ayelet Pnueli — Quasimino – Playing Dominos on (almost) The Penrose Tiles
Burkard Polster — 2 x ribbon spread turnover = 1 x tractrix racer
Robert P. Schneider and Cyrus Hettle — Al – Jabar; A Mathematical Game of Strategy
Aaron N. Siegel — Some New Combinatorial Games
Jorge Nuno Silva — 4G4G4G10 – Four Games for G4G10
Henry Strickland — TerseTalk; An Android App for Programming Recreational Maths
Jim Wilder — The Domino Effect (An Elementary Look at the Kruskal Count)



Anthony Barnhart — So Many Presentations, So Little Time!
Jeremiah Farrell, Connor Hofmeister — Ten Card Magic Spell
Louis H. Kauffman — 10 MatheMagics for G4G10; In Between Magic and Topology
Doron Levy — So you want to become a magician…



Thomas Banchoff — A Ten-­Cell Ornament
Steve Butler — Backwards addition
Steve Butler, Ron Graham, Richard Strong — Collapsing numbers in bases 2, 3, and beyond
Tim Chartier — Chocolate Chip Pi
Tim Chartier — Vanish Building
Lacey Echols, Jeremiah Farrell, William Johnston — Representations of the 10 Geometric (10,3) Triangular Configurations
Lew Goldklang — Clouds in My Coffee / Pattern Recognition
Bill Gosper, Julian Ziegler Hunts — Strange Series for Sierpinski’s Gasket
Bruce McLean  The Bicolored Hexahexaflexagon
John Miller — What Shape is a Tree?
Robert Orndorff — Folded Cookies for a Skeptic
Jaap Scherphuis — Pentagon Tilings
Carlo H. Séquin — A 10-Dimensional Jewel
Carlo H. Séquin — The Regular Hendecahedron
Toshihiro Shirakawa — Harmonic Magic Square
Jorge Nuno Silva — Recreational Math Colloquium
Robert Wainwright — Generic Numerical Challenges
Scott Wang — An Intergalactic Franchise War
John J. Watkins — T2 TEN T2



Zachary Abel — A “Stressful” Puzzle
Adam Atkinson — Four semi-chestnuts
George Bell — Lominoes for G4GX
George Bell — More Icosahedron Puzzles
Laurie Brokenshire — G4GX Knight’s (GG’s!) Tour
M. Oskar van DeventerOut of the Box
M. Oskar van DeventerDeveloping the “Over the Top”
Lacey EcholsTourmaline; A Gem of a Gem
Frans de Vreugd — Trick-opening cricket boxes from China
Noam Elkies — Word Rectangle
Yossi Elran — Retrolife – revisited
Andrea Gilbert, Robert Abbott — The Stepping-Stone Maze A “Self Writing” Multi-State Maze
Darren Glass — A Chip-Firing Puzzle on Graphs
Markus Götz — Two-Minute-Folding-Puzzle
Jean-Marc Haché — Real-World Applications of Twisty Puzzles
George Hart — 12 Card Star Puzzle
George Hart — Rubber Bandzzles: Three Mathematical Puzzle Art Challenges
Frederick Henle — Clueless Word Puzzles
Carl Hoff — Untouchable 11
Kate Jones — Bowties
Tanya Khovanova — Tricky Arithmetic
Peter Knoppers — 10 x 1 in a cube
David Lawrence — Puzzles with Hidden Sines
David Leschinsky — Eureka!’s Cross‐reference to Mathematical Thinking
Anany Levitin — Three Variations on the G4G10 Theme
Oded MargalitIBM Research Challenge Corner – Ponder This
Chris Morgan — Square and Pentagon
Harold Raizer — Stewart Coffin Design #225
Philip Riley and Laura Taalman — Sudoku Variation Puzzles from Brainfreeze Puzzle Books
Ira Sager — Ponder This
Norman L. Sandfield —  TEN-Piece Dissection for Martin
Karl Schaffer — Gwen’s 65 Puzzle
Les Shader, Bryan Shader & Lynne Ipiña — 3 LIGHTS OUT Puzzles for G4G10
Jerry Slocum — Quintet in F Puzzle
Hideki TsuikiImaginary Cubes H and T
Ryuhei Uehara — Cross Checker Paper Folding Puzzle
Ryuhei Uehara — (Im)possible Origami Puzzle
Colin Wright — The Mutilated Chess Board



Duane A. Bailey — A Porous Aperiodic Decagon Tile
Robert P. Crease — Critical Point Fruitloopery
Chen Danyang — Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science and Pseudosciences in China
Richard D. Dunlap — Puzzles as a Recruiting Tool
Douglas A. Engel — A Simple Time Machine
Rik van Grol — Virtual Mechanical Puzzles
Simon Nightingale — Doodles; Benefits to Psychology, Mathematics, Teaching, Graphology, and Metagrobology
Scott Sherman — Flex Theory
Daniel J. Simons — Monkeying Around with the Gorillas in Our Midst: Familiarity with anInternational-Blindness Task does not Improve the Detection of Unexpected Events
David WayneCyclic Paths Inside Platonic Shells

***Important Note Regarding Gift Exchange Copyright***

In the spirit of Martin Gardner, who believed in inclusiveness and the sharing of knowledge and curiosity, and as a non-profit that benefits from the generosity of our community, G4G is pleased to give back to the world by making the G4Gn Gift Exchange Books available for download online.

However, these papers are a compilation of original material and the contributors retain their copyrights. No part of the Gift Exchange Books may be reproduced or distributed in any form, without prior written permission from the original author. If you would like to request permission to reproduce or alter any G4G paper, please contact and we can put you in contact with the author.